Learn how to become an influential figure that creates great sustainable impact and inspires others through your success and leadership style


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Six months to reverse engineer what it takes to be an empowering leader by becoming more confident in your decisions, more in tune with your purpose, and creating a life of financial freedom

The BAL method helps professional women become celebrity experts and springboard their careers so they can gain more wealth, attract opportunity and make a bigger impact by harnessing their leadership skills.

What is the BAL Method?

The BAL method is to help professional women become celebrity experts and springboard their careers so they can gain more wealth, attract opportunity and make a bigger impact by harnessing their leadership skills.

Meet Dr. Hynd

Dr Hynd has cumulated more than 20 years of experience in Finance and Strategy. She was nominated by Forbes among the 100 most influential women and most influential Arab women in Business (2015) and honoured as a member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars (2018).

Dr Hynd is now on a mission to empower a billion girls and women around the world to grow confident, resilient, tech-savvy and financially free, by using her BAL Method. So that every girl and every woman use her dream to assertively “Believe in It. Act on It. and Lead with It

With a Harvard PhD and an Engineering degree from Centrale Paris, Hynd started her career at the World Bank in Washington before joining Morocco’s Prime Minister and Casablanca Stock Exchange as the Managing Director. She structured and managed several investment funds for development projects and impact entrepreneurship.

Dr Hynd Bouhia is the author of Africa Girl, African Woman and the French motivational book Filles et Femmes de l’Afrique Moderne.



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10 Modules, 3 parts for Empowered Leaders to springboard your professional goals and transform your personal life.

Module One


  • Define your dream goal and find your purpose.
  • Overcome the invisible constraints.
  • Boost your self-confidence and let go of fear and anxiety.

Module Two

ACT on it

  • Find Harmony with your Inner Conviction.
  • Engineer your own DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM.
  • Access the Financial Intelligence for wealth creation.
  • Understand the Geostrategic basics for a Global Outreach.

Module Three

Lead with it

  • Your Mission is your Celebrity Brand.
  • Become the Unstoppable Leader.
  • What it takes to Build a Great Legacy.


As part of the program offer you will receive the following benefits:

Weekly 90-minute Group Zoom Calls for 6 months.

  • Three one-on-one Zoom calls in between modules, with strategy & business plan/branding experts.

  • 30-minute weekly review and accountability buffering.

  • Strategic toolkit to structure your business model for your entity or your project.

  • BAL method action planner to establish your key steps with a timeline.

  • A workbook for weekly activities with main points to remember.

  • Focus on making your brand stand out.

  • Team accountability throughout the process.

  • Contribute to a more significant cause for woman empowerment and entrepreneurship.

  • Lifetime access to a global network of woman leaders through Femme LEADER.

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Here's what my other students are saying

Ghita - Business Development & optimisation.


Aamirah - CEO & Founder of the Center for Research in Education & Development. Pakistan

Donessa - Empowerment and Life Coach.

Philippines - Dubai

YES! Your Time Is Now!

IMAGINE being in charge of your life and breaking free from all the constraints placed on you from your culture, traditions, background and from navigating through a male-dominated business environment!

IMAGINE achieving time and money freedom by designing the life of your dream and structuring a clear business plan to achieve your income goals.

IMAGINE becoming an authority in your field of expertise and being celebrated for the amazing impact you create around you and for your inspiring leadership style

You know it’s time to make a change!

So why wait, the sooner you master the BAL Method, the faster you can attract opportunity, wealth and unlock your brilliancy!

This is for you because you deserve the best and because you are destined for high-level leadership.

More Wins...

Ghita has an MBA from Georgetown and is a top executive of a large family corporation.


Bolutiwi is a high-achieving woman transformational coach. Former Top executive at L’OREAL

MBA & Certified Coach - London

Yvonne has a PhD & MS from the University of London- Imperial College. Managing Director, ALINE Impact (Agri-Tech) - UK

Is the BAL Method for you?

Absolutely.. if

  • You understand that every great leader starts as an intelligent follower.
  • You are ready to dedicate 10 minutes every morning for your mind work and to plan for your day and get closer to your overall goal.
  • You are able to discipline yourself and become your own leader first before being a global leader.

This Might Not Be For You.. if

You are impatient and you want everything to happen overnight and not take the time for the process.

  • You don’t want to invest in yourself to study the science of success.
  • You don’t believe that you deserve the best for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure I can find the time to follow this program?

This program will help you make priorities and set up your own time management system. All that you would require are 10 to 20 minutes in the morning to do some mind work and plan your day to get closer to your goal.

Is this program for me if I don’t know what type of business to launch?

This is exactly for you as we will focus in the first phase on defining your niche and the service or product that suit best. Once you define what you love, you will get ready to invest all your energy in developing and offering to your clients.

Will I be able to work on my branding?

We have a whole module dedicated to branding and to defining your magnetic messaging so that you can prepare your marketing strategy and unlock your brilliance.

I am not very good at finance, is that okay?

The finance module is based on simplified explanations for non-financier. The only math and calculus you need are the ones you use when you go grocery shopping.

I am not sure about the return of this investment?

The tools you get throughout the process are priceless and they last a lifetime. You will learn how to use your mind to attract success, just like you would learn how to swim or play piano. This is an investment in you to bring all the chances and opportunities to gain more wealth and make your money back very fast.

I am already a leader and all I want is to have more impact, what will be the value-added for me?

You will be joining like-minded women leaders from all around the world, which will amplify your power and push you to set up more ambitious goals and get motivated in creating more impact in the global sphere. You will get the strategies and the technics to become a great authority in your field and the go-to celebrity expert.

How will this program change my daily life?

You will feel in charge of your day and not dependent on anything happening outside of you. The objective is for you to become the star of your life with the right Attitude and learn how to shift from negative thoughts to positive vibrations. You will feel more focused with more energy and motivation. You will be able to let go of the inner fear, the frustration and learn how to protect yourself from toxic situations.